My kind reminder that “It’s Ok To Have A Bad Day”

“It’s ok to have a bad day”


Though I seek to grow my grateful heart,

seek to be tuned in with a bigger part.

At times my shadow heart wants to come out,

come out and play and shout and spout.

Who am I not to let it out?

I must be ok with one bad day,

for as the bad day comes, the bad day goes,

and I’ll have new days

for my grateful heart to embrace and be ok with one bad day.


This poem is a kind reminder to myself, that it’s ok.  A kind reminder that even though we strive for the best, best attitude, best behavior, best performance, we are only human.  As humans we will have bad days, days when will give in to the chaos and let our emotions come out.  Today I am reciting to remind us that it is indeed ok to have a bad day.

From my G’licious corner to yours; many blessings on all your new days!