4 for the 4th: four things to avoid this Holiday weekend!

A big Holiday weekend is upon us and since those are usually accompanied by mindless eating, drinking and overindulging, I have four things to help you enjoy everything in moderation.


I know we’re ready to get the celebration started so I’ll get right to the point!

 4 things to avoid this Holiday weekend:

  1. Avoid starting on an empty stomach.  You might think going to a party, barbeque, beach bash, etc. on an empty stomach is a good idea because “you’ll eat plenty there right?”  Sound the buzzer: Not a good idea.  Have a light yet nutritious meal before your big gathering.  This will keep you from overeating too quickly.  Examples of a light nutritious meal: a kale, pineapple, almond milk smoothie or an egg white omelette with sliced tomatoes.


  1. Avoid dehydration.  Obvious right?  However, very easy to lose track and oops, you’ve had two or three delicious cocktails and no water.  Dehydration, buzz, overeating, hangover, all of these will follow.  Drink plenty of water, before, during and after the party.  A good rule of thumb is to have at least one cup of water in between other libations.


  1. Avoid table grazing.  When you are ready to eat, serve yourself a plate of your favorite items and enjoy.  This is not the time to try to “be good” or you’ll come back for what you really want and end up eating double.  I’ll say it again; serve yourself a plate of all your favorite items and enjoy.  When you are done, pitch the plate and courteously say your farewell to the table.


  1. Avoid obsessing over it.  Hopefully you aren’t, but just in case you are; do not obsess over it.  It’s one day (ok, maybe a couple) it’s ok, just be active, hydrate,  enjoy everything in moderation, be yourself, be safe and above all have FUN!

G’licious Living wants to wish a delicious, gorgeous, safe and very Happy 4th of July!