3 Things Women Should Say to Their Bodies, but hardly ever do!


The truth is most of us look in the mirror and say things to ourselves we wouldn’t dare say to strangers or people we don’t even really like.  When 9 out 10 women look in the mirror they will say damaging negative things to/and about their bodies.  (I hate my gut, I can’t stand this, I’m too fat, I don’t like that, I’m just not good enough, I look terrible… and the list goes on).

Today I want to give you a reality check: you are imperfectly beautiful, you are enough at every given moment, you are always worthy of love and respect.  I say imperfectly beautiful because what is perfect?  And if there is such a thing, would we really want that?  We are all unique, beautiful and exactly the way we were meant to be.  Know you are enough at every (not any, but every) given moment, whatever you can’t do or handle at any given moment, was not meant to be handled!  We are enough.  You are always worthy of love and respect by others and most of all by yourself.

I am Imperfectly Beautiful

I am Enough

I am Worthy of Love and Respect

We now know that our thoughts and emotions affect our physical body as well as our mental health.  This is one of the reasons it is so important that we pay attention to how we talk to ourselves.  Even if you are taking steps to become a better, healthier version of yourself, you will eventually hit a wall if you are saying those nasty things to that mirror.  If you are trying to lose a few pounds and you continually say to yourself you are fat; a part of you will find a way to hang on to those pounds.  Just as important if you are not kind, loving and respectful to yourself it is virtually impossible for you to truly be kind, loving and respectful to others, which will inevitably lead you to feel guilt, shame, mental and physical unhappiness.  We can change this, we have the power to make the choice today!  We are daughters, wives, mothers, aunts, sisters, entrepreneurs, cooks, executives, wellness warriors, lawyers, teachers, writers, rescuers, world changers and so much more, but most of all we are enough!  We were born full of love and light, despite all our “imperfections”, our so called flaws, all that we have learned, what we perceive, despite it all, we are still that same light.  And the world needs that light!  Allow your gorgeous, beautiful light to shine!

Today I ask you beautiful, awesome, fabulous ladies, friends, world changers; lets learn to be kinder to ourselves, we deserve it, our loved ones deserve it, the world deserves it!

little girl dancing

 Today I ask you to join me, go look in the mirror and say:

I am Imperfectly Beautiful

I am Enough

I am Worthy of Love and Respect

Then go have some girly fun and shine that light!  How incredibly awesome it is we are here to shine it?  ;)


12 thoughts on “3 Things Women Should Say to Their Bodies, but hardly ever do!

  1. Hi Gina,
    I love the message – and agree with it wholeheartedly.
    It’s amazing how we buy into what society deems as perfect or beautiful – and then base our worth on it.
    We create expectations that we’ll never live up to because they’re false.

    Great post. Keep spreading the awareness :)

  2. Gina, totally agree with your words, we all women are beautiful and I believe that we need to search inside of us and not outside. Looking at the mirror and accepting what we’ve got and repeating positive words is a great way to program our subconcious, love your post. Keep them coming.

    1. Me encanto mi hija,y como siempre me viene al dedillo Quiere decir en elmomento que por lo regular lo nesecito,ya que he acumulado algunas libritas de mas y lo demas.pero seguire haciendo el esfuerzo de decirme cosas lindas y ser nice conmigo misma,aceptar cada dia mas mis cosas que no me gustan ,como necesarias para ser la persona que Dios quizo tornar en mi.Me dire: Soy linda ,me llaman Gina(aunque no la Lolobrigida)ahora soy Viejita pero aun me veo bonita,apesar de mis aruguitas,siempre fui gordita o llenita ,(luchando con el peso)y le dire al espejo :Gracias Gina,!GraciasDios y Gracias mi hijita BELLA Gina.(mi Giny)

  3. Gina, what a beatiful thing you wrote. I had no expectations this week ….so finding your blog proved to be an “unexpected” pleasant surprise for me!
    I think most women intelectually know these things, for me and some others is harder to apply it. I am working on it.
    You exhude love your confidence . Thank you for sharing your thoughts and helping others.

    1. you are so very welcome Mihaela! We all have to work on this, especially as women, society puts a lot of pressure on us to be “perfect” to be “more”. We are all beautiful and definitely enough. Thank you for your kind comments!

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