Say No To Any Extra Holiday Pounds

We are all getting ready for the main event that truly kicks off the Holidays; Thanksgiving Day!  Shopping, getting ready to travel, planning gatherings and so on.  And it is just around the time we start to say “bye bye” to our good habits and our efforts to maintain a thriving healthy lifestyle.  I would like to invite you to say no to that “bye bye”, no to a whole month or more of slacking and no to any extra holiday pounds.

Turkey Eating Pie


For the love of joy, food, family and everything else in between, I’m not telling you not to indulge!  I’m just telling you not to say forget it and indulge for a month straight, which is what we often do.  I’ve done it, you’ve done, we’ve all been there.  So how do we stay on track from now till “resolution” time?

First continue with your regular movement routine and healthy habits as usual.  Second crank these up a bit, you know you’ll be indulging a little extra, move a little extra.  Add an extra session to your routine and / or increase your intensity during this month, if you have free time or vacation, try a new class, gym or outdoor session.


Third which should actually be first, drink extra water.  Water is the best detoxifier there is, drink even more H2O this holiday season.  This will help flush out toxins and build up from any “extra” indulging.

Last and definitely not least, apply a little moderation!  What, what, whaaa?



Relax, I said a little…

Here’s the deal, Thanksgiving Day is one day, there is no need to make it a whole week (or month).  If you work hard to nourish your body with healthy, wholesome nutrition all year long, one day of decadent fun won’t hurt.  December may be full of parties, cocktail gatherings, fun activities and that is awesome!  All you have to do is plan ahead and plan accordingly to stay on track. Plan around your movement schedule (aka workouts), if you need to move them around, get up earlier or combine two sessions, it is all doable.  Plan to eat extra clean and healthy on the days you have these fun gatherings.  Plan on eating before the parties, this way you’ll be full and less tempted to over indulge.

And man oh man, give thanks and please have fun!


Enjoy every bit of this Holiday season and all that it may bring with it.  Time with family, free time, that little extra indulgence, colors, music and silliness!

From My G’licious Corner to Yours; I wish you all a fun, safe, amazingly Happy Thanksgiving! 


3 Keys to Stay Motivated

Whether you are embarking on a wellness program, a nutrition or exercise program, a creative or business project, and yes life in general, staying motivated will keep you on track to success.  Often motivation will be at the reins of reaching a goal.  These keys are likely common sense to most, yet it is easy to lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and forget to stay on track.  And since we are all busy embarking on new exciting things, here are my 3 keys to stay motivated.

Key #1 – Know Your Why

Know why you are doing it!  Whether your reason is extrinsic or intrinsic get clear on it, know it, write it, recite it, keep it close.  This WHY will be eventually what gets you to that destination, that end result.

Sosyal Medya Pazarlama

Give yourself sometime to dig and answer your why, if it’s too superficial it will not keep you motivated.

  • Why are you starting a wellness program?  Why do you want to lose weight?
  • Why are you starting this business?  Why do want to share this?
  • Why are you doing this cleanse?  Why do want to get healthy?

After you get clear on the why, what is the alternative or what would happen if you don’t achieve your end result?  What happens to your why?  This knowledge will provide you with a tight rope to hang on to why you are doing it and why you must stick to set program.

Key #2 – Plan and Schedule  

Ok, before you go; duh…

As obvious as it is, very few people are diligent with planning and scheduling, including myself.  Yes I too am guilty of lack of planning and scheduling!  From personal experience I can tell you, when you implement key #2 success will be a lot closer than when you don’t.   So, Let’s…


Here are a few suggestions:

  • If you are starting a nutrition program: plan your shopping list, plan your meals and cook ahead.  This will keep you prepared and on track during the busy week.
  • If you are embarking on a new exercise program: schedule your movement sessions in your calendar just as you would a meeting.  Do your best to schedule it at the same time / dates for each session.
  • If you are starting a creative or business journey: it is even more imperative to plan your days accordingly, planning and scheduling will keep you organized and on track.  Plan and schedule the days and times you will be working on this project and what tasks you will be working on during these times.



Key #3 – Have Fun With It

By now you know this is something you want!  It’s your big why and it is going to be awesome to reach that goal, so have fun with it.  Now that you have started your plan, go and get it!  Make a choice every day to take action to get you closer.


It’s a journey, make it an adventure.

  • Get your family and friends involved
  • Reward yourself when you hit milestones.  Celebrate your victories!
  • Visualize and feel the result, the goal, the success. Visualize it as if it has already happened, practice this and do it often, feel how good it feels, how good it looks, this too will keep your motivation roaring.


From My G’licious Corner to Yours; success is yours, go get those goals, follow your dreams, I believe in you! 


Nature’s Candy Bar; a perfect healthy snack

It’s a sweet kind of Wednesday!  And I want to pay tribute to what I call “Nature’s Candy Bar”, it is one hundred percent natural goodness and a perfect healthy snack.  With only two ingredients, this super easy to prepare delicious snack also happens to be full minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and fiber that will boost your energy and put a smile on your face.


Sweet, creamy, decadent and good for you.  Both almonds and dates contain manganese, copper and riboflavin which make them a great energy booster.  They are also both loaded with magnesium and potassium which are essential to maintain good blood flow and heart health.  Vitamins A, B, E, and K are all abundant in this “Nature’s Candy Bar”, a powerful protectant of eyes, skin, bones, and heart.  Combine that with fiber and protein and you get a perfectly satisfying tasty treat.

As we approach a busy Holiday season, easy, convenient and satisfying snacks are lifesavers.  Load up on some dates, I love the size and texture of the Medjool dates, but any type will work.


Make or buy some natural unsweetened almond butter, if you make your own which is cheaper you know there aren’t any additives.


If you like the convenience of buying it, just make sure it’s natural unsweetened and the only ingredient is almonds.  You can make the snack on the spot, or prep them in advance and enjoy them on the go.   All you need besides the dates and butter is a butter knife ;).

The Goods:

2 Medjool dates (can make one, but sharing this with a friend is a lot more fun)

½ – 1 teaspoon of almond butter (per date)

1 butter knife or spoon



The How:

Slice each date in half without cutting all the way through and remove seed

Scoop your desire amount of almond butter on the date and close it back a little

Serve and enjoy


Enjoy with a cup of coffee, a glass of nut milk, or simply by themselves!  And don’t forget to share ;)


From My G’lcious Corner to Yours; Snack, Enjoy and Carry On! 


5 Lessons I Learned From Hip Surgery

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since my hip reconstruction, yet on the other hand it’s been a very long year of recovery. Though those close to me have known my struggles this past year, publicly I have kept it fairly quiet.  In general I have been awfully quiet in regards to my blog, my business and putting myself out there.  For countless and unknown reasons I felt the need to take this year more inward than outward.  Blessed and happy to be where I am today.  This year also brought along a big move.  Now living a whole new chapter in a different state.  Becoming intimate with uncertainty and falling in love with life’s adventures all over again, like a child at a park for the first time.


All this makes me reflect and nudges me to share some lessons, specifically those I learned from hip surgery.  This year brought many lessons some new, some great reminders.  I’m picking a few big ones that also apply to life as well as recovery from any injury!

Lesson #1: Surrender and Self-Compassion are crucial to your sanity and survival during the beginning stages of recovery.

This likely applies to any surgery or situation where you might be completely incapacitated for a period of time.  In reality, it is a practice we should apply to our life in general and one that is often forgotten or completely neglected.  By surrender, I do not mean giving up.  Surrender to that which you have no control over, surrender to receiving, surrender to love, surrender to the constant force of life that will carry you through.  And self-compassion, always a tough subject for those resilient, independent and stubborn individuals, such as myself.  Self compassion brings peace as it gently teaches you that it is ok to struggle, that it is ok be helped, that you are already going through enough without you adding to it by beating yourself up or down.

keep-calm-and-accept-help Kind

Lesson #2: What you eat really does matter!

We all know a healthy, wholesome nutrition plan is important under any circumstance.  It is more so during recovery from surgery or injury.  Certain nutrients actually help cell repair and fight inflammation, while others do the opposite.  Here’s the thing, since you are recovering you may have the urge to (excuse my language) not give a damn and eat like crap since you already feel like crap, I know I went through it.  Fight it, fight that urge!  Collagen is an excellent nutrient for cell repair, best way to get it is from bone broths, yes just like grandma use to make.  If you prefer a shortcut, here’s a great one, you can add it to smoothies, teas or dissolve in any liquid, you can get it from Amazon.


Healthy fats such as avocados and flax seeds as well as a good omega 3 supplement are awesome weapons against inflammation and great tools for tissue repair. Supplementing with L-Glutamine will aid in muscle tissue recovery and it’s a great immune booster.  Leafy green and cruciferous vegetables are an excellent source of “re-building” minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.  Berries are full of antioxidants and vitamins that will fight inflammation and free radicals.  Eat a colorful array of veggies and fruits, drink some bone broth and take your omega 3’s.

Rainbow collection


Lesson 3: Make friends with your Psoas muscle! Your what?!

This is what in “hip land” we like to call: The Wonder Muscle!  Without getting into too much detail here, this is one of the most important skeletal muscles in your body. It is deep in the center of everything and it’s one of only two muscles that connects the lower and upper body, it connects to six different points and affects many joints.  Any injury or imbalance in your hip complex, your upper legs and your back can significantly affect this muscle and the tension it holds.  When the Psoas muscle is in an unhappy state a whole host of physical conditions can arise; which is the last thing you need while attempting to recover.  I will expand on this topic in a future post, for now here are a few things to know, whether you are recovering from injury or completely healthy.  1) Sitting for long periods of time is not good for anything or anyone 2) Many yoga poses provide a good starting point to relieve a tight Psoas 3) Most problems and conditions in the back and hips are related to this muscle, seek help if you are experiencing pain. 4) Physical Therapists, Yoga Practitioners and Chiropractors are a good starting point, look for practitioners that are experienced in ART and MAT (Active Release Technique and Muscle Activation Technique)



Lesson #4: Retraining your foot to bear weight again is not as easy as you would think.

Yes, your feet!  Did you know that a quarter of your bones are in your feet?  26 bones, 33 joints, 20 muscles per foot, and over 100,000 sensory receptors in each of your soles!  (sensory receptors is what communicates to your brain to allow body functions, in this case, walking)  After non-weight bearing for over four weeks you’ll be amazed of how much retraining is needed.  How does this benefit you in any way?  If you find yourself in a “non-weight bearing” situation for any period of time,  and it is not directly related to your foot, start working your foot muscles and movements immediately.  Ask your physical therapist for help with this.  If you are a beautifully healthy individual, be kind to your feet, invest in good shoes, and do not take these magnificent little structures for granted.


Lesson 5: Be disciplined and devoted to your recovery.

Put it first!  This is especially important after the initial recovery stage.  Be diligent with your therapy and self care.  Don’t just show up to that hour of physical therapy, be present, learn, do what you are supposed to do at home.  Ask questions, be pro-active regarding your post rehab stage.  Some questions to consider asking your PT are: are other muscles affected by this?  What can I do to prevent muscle imbalances and related injuries in the future?

Self nourishment is equally important, take this time to do things that lift your spirit, bring you joy, make you feel comfortable and boost your personal growth.  That book you’ve been wanting to read, those Ted talks you’ve been wanting to watch, that phone call to an old friend.  Celebrate your progress and little victories however small they may seem.  And when you are physically able to, baths are your friend.  Epsom salt and essential oil baths are a great addition to any healing program.


Bonus Lesson: You really never know what any one person is going through at any given time!  A good reminder to exercise empathy and kindness in the future.


From my G’licious Corner to Yours: With all my love I wish you all vibrant sexy health and optimal wellbeing! 




Deliciously Crunchy Pumpkin Seeds

Leaves are changing, the air is crisp and pumpkins are everywhere, this is oh so good!  G’licious kitchen loves pumpkins and I can’t think of a better way to start the pumpkin kick with my favorite crunchy snack.  Toasted pepitas, aka roasted pumpkin seeds.  Not only are these crunchy treats deliciously addictive, they also happen to be seriously good for you.  They are loaded with minerals: phosphorus, magnesium, manganese and zinc.  They are high in vitamin E and contain a wide diversity mix of antioxidants that are not common in most foods, all this make these little guys incredibly healthy.


First things first, after you scoop them out of the pumpkin of your choice, wash them thoroughly and strain.  Make a nice big effort to get all the gooey pumpkin flesh off of them.


This next step is optional, I have made them with and without this step, and they are always good.  However for a super crispy, crunchy finished product, boil them prior to roasting.  In a medium size pot bring water and 1 tsp of salt (approximately, I’m a pinch kinda gal) to a rapid boil, add the seeds, reduce heat (low-medium) and simmer for 8-10 minutes.  Drain and pat dry with a paper towel.  If you skip this step, pat dry the seeds after cleaning and draining at the beginning.

Spread the seeds on to a roasting pan.  Sprinkle and rub with your favorite olive oil and season them with a good quality sea salt.  I happen to be in love with a Sicilian extra virgin olive oil from Trader Giotto’s (Joe’s) and I am currently using a light grey Celtic Sea Salt, those were the only condiments in this batch.


Coconut oil will work well too, and of course feel free to get creative with spices; nutmeg, cinnamon, curry, the possibilities are endless.  Roast the seeds at 325 degrees for 10 minutes.


That’s it, you are ready to munch and crunch to your heart’s content!

IMG_1428 From my G’licious Corner to Yours: Crunch, munch, share and enjoy!  

This batch was done in collaboration with Gimme Three Pints and their Fall Harvest Dream Soup: http://gimmethreepints.com/?p=57


A well hydrated body, is a happy body!

Nourishment by definition is “food and or other substances necessary for life, health, growth and good condition.  To cherish, foster, keep alive.  To strengthen, build up, promote.”

Here in our G’licious Living corner, nourishment is to cherish and strengthen your body, mind and soul with everything they need to unleash your healthiest, sexiest, happiest self!  Your healthiest, sexiest, happiest you, it’s the sweet spot where you inner goddess lives, your powerful, creative, feminine, resilient and perfectly balanced self.

The number one priority for a well nourished goddess is H2O!  Sounds so simple yet often neglected.  A well hydrated body, is a happy body!


This precious liquid is a major component of most body parts and organs.  Did you know that our heart and brain alone are composed of over 70% water?  And our lungs of over 80% water?  Our capacity to breathe…   We need this precious liquid to breathe, think, move our bodies, digest our food, regenerate cells, regulate temperature, remove toxins, balance hormones, to have fabulous skin, to enjoy sex, and the list goes on!  And yes I went there, cause ladies is true ;).

So just how much of this magic liquid does the goddess need?  Easy equation = A minimum of half her weight in ounces daily.


And here are your 3 easy, breezy tips to add more to your daily intake:

  1. Sip first thing in the morning: keep a glass by your bed and take a few good gulps when you first wake up.  (Aim for a minimum of  6-8 ounces)
  2. Sip before, during and after each meal.  (Aim at 6-8 ounces before a meal, sip throughout and after)
  3. Sip before and after each shower / bath.   ( Aim at 6-8 ounces before you hit the shower and sip afterwards, this will help keep your temperature nicely regulated)

Bonus tip: Have fun with your water and create a luscious relationship with this life elixir

  • serve it in a nice wine glass for one of your meals.
  • add a slice of lemon, lime or even a cherry every once in a while.
  • label your water bottles with positive words and affirmations
  • buy a pretty color glass water bottle to have with you throughout your day


From my G’licious Corner to Yours; Enjoy your H2O today, tomorrow and everyday!  Namasté



Breathtaking views, gorgeous flowers, mouthwatering beer and snow in May. What else can I say; We moved to Boulder

I have been waiting to have the site beautifully updated, to be fabulously inspired, to be completely organized, to write the perfect post, blah, blah, blah…   The truth is I cannot wait any longer to share this utterly amazing move with the world!

After a very quick, slightly chaotic few days of packing and a ride through seven states we made it to this magical place we now call home: Boulder, Colorado.


The last three weeks have gifted us with breathtaking views, spontaneous hikes, new friends, gorgeous spring flowers, free concerts, copious amounts of craft beer, way too much tasty food and too many wonderful experiences to account.




And yes even some snow in May.  In most places that would not be welcomed, in Boulder though things move to a different beat, a positive vibration to say the least.



In true Boulder style, when the Universe gives you sprinkles; we sprinkle some fun back at it!  Make some Colorado inspired homemade grub and get ready to experience the essence of this town with Boulder Startup Week.

Check out our Boulder Chops with Flatirons Relish


Super simple, exceptionally delicious and especially fresh this Boulder inspired dish will be a new staple in our house.

For the chops:

  • buy pasture raised, local, fresh pork chops
  • sprinkle them with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and cumin
  • on a cast iron skillet (preferably), sear approximately 3-5 minutes on each side
  • set aside
  • pre heat oven to 375

For the relish:

  • 1/2 large red onion
  • 1 red bell pepper (preferably organic and local when available)
  • 1 (to 2, depending on taste) serrano peppers
  • one hefty handful of cilantro
  • sauté the onion, red and serrano peppers until happy and translucent, add the cilantro and mix with the rest.
  • To finish: Add the chops back in the cast iron skillet and bake in the oven until done (depending on size and thickness 12-20 minutes or until internal temp reaches 145)

Serve and enjoy!

 As always sending you much love from my G’licious corner to yours

Stay tuned for more fresh new recipes, positive vibrations, lots of new joyous living tips from G’licious new location and last, but not least a new updated site.  Now off to experience Boulder Startup Week!


On the tenth day I share; humility, patience, and gratitude!

This post is a tad different than most, this one is from my heart pages (aka journal).


It has been quite some time since I last wrote, and yes while a bit of laziness and writer’s block came into play, the main reason was my impending surgery. The end of September and beginning of October where very hectic as I limped around preparing for a period where I know I would not be able to do much. Today is day 10 after my hip surgery, these last ten days have been a challenging journey and the journey is still just beginning.  These last ten days have humbled me to the core and taught me that without humility and patience I will not be able to survive the recovery road that awaits me.  It has also reinforced that my gratitude practice needs to continue to reign my world.  I was already a gratitude junkie, but now that I am truly witnessing the simplicity in which gratitude makes everything better, is just breathtaking.  I am taking this time to heal, regroup, revamp, and possibly re-invent!

Whether some time goes by before I come back to G’licious Living or decide to dive in right away, I will be back, and I’ll be back full of vitality, creativity, health, new knowledge and plenty of flavor and joy infusing posts for you!

From my G’licious corner to yours; have a beautiful and blessed day! 

Playing In The Clouds

Today I want to share a place where serenity and beauty choreographed the most magical dance.  Today’s quick post is all about sharing beauty, sharing the joy of memories, sharing the day I played in the clouds.


On day four of our last vacation my husband and I decided to swap our morning hike for an early adventure with the winds of the Colorado sky.


With excitement and no expectation we set out before the sun to meet our adventure crew.  From start to end this was by far one of the most joyous experiences we have shared.  Our crew greeted us about the same time as the morning sun and the adventure began.


We were given instructions, climbed aboard and up we went.  It was breathtakingly cozy and beautifully peaceful.  We were blessed with 360 degrees of beauty as far as the eye could see and an infinite abundance of sweet clean air to breathe.  Two other crews joined us on this blissful joyride in the sky.


I am letting pictures do most of the work today.  All I can say is if you can, try this, it’s just plain awesome!  This experience filled my soul with gratitude, joy, beauty, serenity, community, abundance and peace.  That is G’licious Living!  I hope this inspires you to go and do something that excites you, something different, fun, adventurous, something that connects you to nature and brings you joy!


From My G’licious Corner to yours; may you be blessed with the beauty and joy of your own adventures!

My kind reminder that “It’s Ok To Have A Bad Day”

“It’s ok to have a bad day”


Though I seek to grow my grateful heart,

seek to be tuned in with a bigger part.

At times my shadow heart wants to come out,

come out and play and shout and spout.

Who am I not to let it out?

I must be ok with one bad day,

for as the bad day comes, the bad day goes,

and I’ll have new days

for my grateful heart to embrace and be ok with one bad day.


This poem is a kind reminder to myself, that it’s ok.  A kind reminder that even though we strive for the best, best attitude, best behavior, best performance, we are only human.  As humans we will have bad days, days when will give in to the chaos and let our emotions come out.  Today I am reciting to remind us that it is indeed ok to have a bad day.

From my G’licious corner to yours; many blessings on all your new days!