On the tenth day I share; humility, patience, and gratitude!

This post is a tad different than most, this one is from my heart pages (aka journal). It has been quite some time since I last wrote, and yes while a bit of laziness and writer’s block came into play, the main reason was my impending surgery. The end of September and beginning of October […]

Playing In The Clouds

Today I want to share a place where serenity and beauty choreographed the most magical dance.  Today’s quick post is all about sharing beauty, sharing the joy of memories, sharing the day I played in the clouds. On day four of our last vacation my husband and I decided to swap our morning hike for […]



My kind reminder that “It’s Ok To Have A Bad Day” 2

“It’s ok to have a bad day” Though I seek to grow my grateful heart, seek to be tuned in with a bigger part. At times my shadow heart wants to come out, come out and play and shout and spout. Who am I not to let it out? I must be ok with one […]

When you point one finger, where do rest of them point?

  Seems like a silly question right?…  One that I have been pondering and working on for sometime now.  It started out as a challenge; can you go one whole day without judging anything that occurs?  (anything and anybody)  If you try this practice and work on it regularly you will find it may not […]



Unleash Your Inner Hippie; Make Granola!

Yes, Homemade Granola!  A wholesome, nutty, sweet, salty good for you heavenly snack. If you lead a clean, wholesome, healthy nutrition, you probably know that a lot of the store bought granola can be loaded with additional sugars and ingredients that simply do not belong in this lovely and delightful snack.  I have seen ingredients […]

4 for the 4th: four things to avoid this Holiday weekend! 1

A big Holiday weekend is upon us and since those are usually accompanied by mindless eating, drinking and overindulging, I have four things to help you enjoy everything in moderation. I know we’re ready to get the celebration started so I’ll get right to the point!  4 things to avoid this Holiday weekend: Avoid starting […]



Pantry to the Dinner Rescue! Ever have these days?

Ever have those days when dinner time slaps you in the face before you can say: is what time already?  I do!  And before you even have time to panic you quickly realize you don’t have a plan, haven’t gone grocery shopping and really, really don’t want to go out.  Wether it’s a crazy busy week […]

3 Things Women Should Say to Their Bodies, but hardly ever do! 12

The truth is most of us look in the mirror and say things to ourselves we wouldn’t dare say to strangers or people we don’t even really like.  When 9 out 10 women look in the mirror they will say damaging negative things to/and about their bodies.  (I hate my gut, I can’t stand this, […]



Delicious, Easy, Healthy Meatless Monday!

“These are the days when you wish your bed was already made, It’s just another manic Monday” If Sunday is your fun day and you’re wishing it back (like the song says), unfortunately I can’t bring it back, but at least I can give you a super simple, wonderfully savory Meatless Monday dish that will […]